Veg Fest Vancouver wouldn’t be possible without time and commitment from all our wonderful volunteers! After all, Veg Fest Vancouver is 100% volunteer run!

Thanks so much to the many volunteers we've had helping us out on our festival day. The festival simply could not happen without the efforts of many generous people.

We are looking to expand our team of volunteers for the many details that need to be done before and after the festival. Below is a brief outline of what we need and if you feel you'd like to contribute your time in this way, please contact us.

Vancouver Coastal Health Assistant - once registration is open, we need to collect the Temporary Food Service Application Forms from all food vendors and submit them to VCH. We need to meet with VCH and make sure our festival and vendors meet the criteria for serving food safely to public. The assistant also needs to meet with a VCH Inspection officer the day of the festival to do a 'walk thru', introducing the food vendors and referencing their application forms. This position requires time (mostly online at your convenience) during May and June and then the day of the festival.

Sponsor Assistant - We'd like to offer much more to our volunteers for helping us out each year. We do not want to pass on those extra costs to our vendors. We are needing to connect with sponsors for things like t-shirts for volunteers, DJ services for our stage, and prizes/giveaways for our public. This position requires time (mostly online at your convenience) from March thru June and the day of the festival.

Social Media and Marketing Assistant - We tweet, we do Facebook and Instagram and from April thru July we need to connect with loads of people and let them know we are happening. This position requires time (mostly online at your convenience) that progresses from once a week (April and May) to every day in June and July. This position requires ability to take photos of the festival, upload them to our site, update our sites with important info for vendors and public.

Equipment Assistant - most of our vendors order tents tables and chairs and many need generators too, plus there is the equipment for the main stage. This position requires time in June and July (mostly online at your convenience) to confirm and tally up the equipment order, meet the delivery truck, help to track and direct volunteers to place equipment and make sure all equipment is returned to the truck at the end of the festival day.

Volunteer Assistant - There are many volunteers that help out the day of the festival for set up, activities throughout the day, and take down. This position requires time in June and July (mostly online at your convenience), putting together a schedule for the festival day, meeting volunteers the day of the festival for check in, direction of tasks and check out.

If you think you would like to express your veg by contributing your time to our great festival, please send us a brief bio of yourself and let us know what you'd like to do.

We very sincerely appreciate everyone's efforts towards this important and fun event!

If you are able to volunteer for the festival, either day of, or prior, then we would love to hear from you! Please contact us about volunteering.

Many thanks,
Veg Fest Vancouver