Guest Speakers and Performers

Stage Schedule

In addition to our scheduled performances, throughout the day you will hear music sets from DJ Arun and inspirational talks from our vendors.

Gypsy Trunk, Everyday Superfoods, Indigo Café, Loving Hut, Varinicey Pakoras
12:30pmVesanto Melina
Hooray Truffles, Hearts on Noses, Nice Shoes
1:00pmKen Spector (Happy Cow)
Plant to Plate, Dard Nashak Oil, Vegan Police
1:30pmKrista Osborne (Mercy For Animals)
Pranin Smoothy, Feeding Change, Simply Protein
2:00pmDaniel Bissonnette
Eternal Abundance, Vervet Monkey, Gillian Walters
2:30pmColin (
Sea Shepherd, Fairy Cakes, Lloyd James
3:00pmSinead Sanders
Chilango Mango, Vegan Pudding, Tantamount
3:30pmVesanto Melina
Rabitats, Stop UBC Animal Research, Tina Panetta
4:00pmKen Spector (Happy Cow)
Q Nature, Gardein, Synergy Nutrition
4:30pmKrista Osborne (Mercy For Animals)
Life Bites, Earthsave, Animal Justice
5:00pmDaniel Bissonnette
Vancouver Humane Society, Happy Herd, Liberation BC, Field Treats
5:30pmColin (
Karina Inkster, Tagulan, Johnny Pop
6:00pmSinead Sanders
Living Lotus, Zen Organic, Turtle Island
6:30pmThank you for coming!