Information for Vendors

Applications for 2015 are now closed (sold out). If you would like to be informed if more space becomes available, please contact us.

If you wish to serve food at the festival, click here to read the food vendor guidelines.


Veg Fest Vancouver is now in it's fifth year, and will be right in the middle of downtown Vancouver on one of the busiest days of the year!

Would you like to have a presence at Veg Fest Vancouver? Do you want to showcase your business or non-profit organization to thousands of animal lovers? If so, please read on!


Vendor Deadlines

Vendors with food need to register no later than 3 weeks before the festival (June 28th). It might be possible to register after this date, however late fees may apply.

All other vendors must register no later that 2 weeks before the festival (July 5th).

All fees must be paid no later than 2 weeks prior to the event (July 5th). Exceptions may be made ONLY for non-profit organizations wishing to pay cash on the day of the event.


Vendor Fee Refund Policy

Vendors may cancel and request a full refund (minus processing fees for credit card/Paypal payments - about 4%) up until 2 weeks prior to the event (by July 5th). If you cancel after this date, your vendor fees are forfeit and you will not receive a refund.

The festival will happen rain or shine - you may not request a refund due to weather conditions.


Unloading and Vehicle Parking

You can bring a vehicle into the festival area for unloading between 9am - 11:00am. All vehicles must be clear of the festival area by 11:00am. Please unload and move your vehicle out of the festival area as quickly as possible, to make way for other vehicles also needing to unload their items.

Please see the following map for the suggested driving routes for unloading and parking. NOTE: All traffic in the festival area on Granville Street is ONE WAY ONLY, heading North. Please only drive on the block where your booth is, as the street will already be crowded with vehicles and people setting up.

There is all-day parking for $6 at the Easy Park under Nordstroms (not yet open, this used to be Sears), entrance only 1 block away. Click here for more info.

You may pack up between 7pm - 8pm. Vehicles will be allowed in the festival area for loading only when the crowds have cleared and it is safe to do so.


Vendor Requirements

All vendors must meet the following requirements to be considered for Veg Fest Vancouver:

  1. All businesses must be strictly vegetarian. Businesses which sell any meat products (including fish) or by-products, through their retail outlet or otherwise, cannot be a vendor.
  2. All products sold, given away, advertised, or otherwise present at the festival must be vegan. They cannot contain any animal-based ingredients, including meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, fur, leather, wool, or associated by-products.
  3. Anyone staffing your table, or otherwise representing your business or organization, may not wear fur, leather, silk, wool, or other animal-based clothing for the duration of the festival. It is also highly recommended to avoid wearing anything that looks similar and may be mistaken as any of the above, unless your business is specifically selling faux leather, etc., and you have appropriate signage at the festival to indicate that it is faux.
  4. All non-profit organizations present must represent causes that benefit animals. This includes promoting veganism, animal rights, animal welfare, wildlife protection, animal rescues/sanctuaries, and environmental causes that have a direct effect on animals.
  5. Absolutely no live animals at the festival (with the exception of assistance animals). It will be very crowded, which can cause injury or stress to animals.
  6. Promotion of dairy, eggs, honey, wool, or other products which come from animals is strictly prohibited, even if your business or organization is not completely vegan.
  7. To keep the festival accessible to people of all walks of life, you may not promote any specific religion or spiritual following.
  8. Vendors serving or preparing food will be required to have a food permit and be approved by the health inspector. Click here to read the food vendor guidelines.
  9. Absolutely no vehicles allowed on Granville Street while the festival is open (12pm - 7pm).
  10. All tables, equipment, etc. must be completely set up by 12pm and may not be taken down until after the festival at 7pm. If there is still a crowd in the area at 7pm then you must wait until the crowd clears before take down (safety precaution).
  11. No alcohol consumption, sales, or give-aways will be allowed at the festival. Persons under the influence may be forced to leave the area.
  12. No smoking within the festival area.

Please note that these requirements may be subject to change.


Vendor Application

Applications for 2015 are now closed (sold out). If you would like to be informed if more space becomes available, please contact us.