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Dear Veg Fest Vancouver Enthusiasts,

It is with great disappointment and much consideration that we have decided to postpone this year’s Veg Fest Vancouver to July 2017.

We are very sorry, as much effort has been made to make this event happen for this year. We have spent many, many hours working through the application processes with the City, the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association and then the Parks Board.

After our application for Creekside was finally approved, incredibly our request for food trucks and stage on our application were ‘missed’, and so the approval does not include food trucks or amplified stage at Creekside.

We considered moving forward without food trucks and stage, but decided that it wouldn’t be the festival we envision, that vendors expect and that attendees will delight in.

We discovered in the last two years, that many people travel to Vancouver for this festival; from the Island & BC, the States, and across Canada. Wow. No fun to arrive and no food or interesting speakers to engage with.

We feel that food (coupled with all the other amazing vegan products and animal advocacy) is most significant to helping the general population turn the corner, contemplate and understand, the vegan way of thinking and doing each day.

And so we feel that to proceed without the food trucks and the stage for education and entertainment, would be unwise, and not consistent with the fees we would need to charge vendors for participation.

Our festival has grown at an exponential rate, which is great and ideal. The workload required to put this together has also grown exponentially!

Thankfully, we now have a team that will be able to put together a really fabulous festival for July 2017.

We thank everyone who has engaged, liked, shared, called, emailed and generally sent positive energy our way, we sincerely appreciate that.

Many thanks,
Veg Fest Vancouver


Veg Fest Vancouver is a day-long outdoor festival, happening for it’s sixth year in Summer 2017 (date to be determined). The festival features vegan food vendors, animal protection organizations, local businesses, and much more! Best of all, it’s entirely FREE to attend!



The festival is located right in the heart of downtown Vancouver, taking over one block of Granville Street, between Nelson & Helmcken.

Click Here for a map!


Getting to Veg Fest Vancouver

The best way to get to the festival is via Skytrain. All train lines have a stop right within the festival area – Granville Station for the Expo Line or Millennium Line, or City Centre Station for the Canada Line.

If you are driving, there is all-day parking for $6 at the Easy Park under Pacific Centre Mall, only 1 block away. Click here for more info.